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I've noticed while playing certain games, like Gabriel Knight Sins of the Father or 7th Guest, that these games tend to tweak sound level settings of the card, such as digital voice volume, midi volume, cd volume and master volume, upon starting the game. I would imagine this is due to "ideal" presets that these game designers felt should apply to the sound cards? Nevertheless, this is pretty frustrating. Every time I exit these games, I have to go back into the sb16 mixerset utility and put things back as I want them. I was able to workaround this problem with 7th Guest by choosing Sound Blaster compatible instead of Sound Blaster 16 for digital speech, but cannot seem to find a way around this with Gabriel Knight. Does anyone else have this problem with games tweaking sound levels? Is this an expected behavior? Is there a better way around this to prevent it from happening? I spent good money on external mixers and midi modules, and really enjoy having control over things as much as everyone, but this game behavior sucks. Here are some details about my system. I apologize if I am creating this in the wrong area of the forum. thanks in advance!

-LuckyStar motherboard LS486 (SIS 85C497 based)
-40mb 72pin FPRAM
-AMD 486 DX4-100
-Ark2000PV 2mb PCI video
-3com 3c905B-TX network
-Roland SCC1
-AWE64 Gold (4390)
-MSDOS 6.22

-Roland MT-32
-Roland SC55-mkII
-Eurorack Pro 16channel mixer
-Rolls MiniMix II


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Not sure about 7th Guest, but for Gabriel Knight (and related Sierra games), simply change the Sound Blaster's DOS "SOUND" environment variable to point to a non-relevant directory beforehand. This could be temporarily set and restored as part of the game's batch file even. E.g.: