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I would like to play carmageddon on msdos 6.22 with a vodoo 2 card. I have looped the voodoo 2 card through my s3 vrige dx. I have installed the 2 voodoo patches. I get the error cannot load dll. I haven't added anything to the autoexec.bat or config.sys for the voodoo 2 card do I need to add anything to that too? Carmageddon's no-voodoo mode works fine.

Who knows how to fix this

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I remember Carmageddon being notorious for only supporting the older Voodoo cards, and refusing to work with the Voodoo 2. I believe it had something to do with the way how the developers had hardcoded the older DOS Glide OVL drivers in the game.

I think I remember reading somewhere (probably here on Vogons) about how somebody finally developed a patch to add compatibility with newer Voodoo cards and even Glide wrappers, but I'm not sure.

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Should work fine with a v2, even sli. What driver are you using and what CPU do you have? Older drivers throw that error when the CPU is too fast. You can test this by setting the CPU to a slower speed in your pc's bios, it should work when you downclock the CPU.

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Do you have Windows installed on your computer? If not you need to add PATH to glide files, or put them inside the game's folder. Carma is a dynamically linked Glide games and many of those games expected the Glide files to be found in your Windows directory.

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