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I've reinstalled windows 98 a few times recently. It's a surprisingly pleasant experience!

However I'm aware that now, and back in the day it was always best practice to install as little software and drivers as was necessary if it wasn't going to stay on.

With that in mind I'm wondering if I can put drivers into the install directories that Win98 uses so that it will find those rather than the ones it installs and I later have to replace? In particular the chipset drivers cause practically everything that's built on top to be reinstalled again once updated.

I have done a bot of searching and it seems that changing the ISO is not easy and not worth attempting, however I'm installing from the hard drive - I'm just copying the CD across first - so I don't know if I do have any options.

If it's more trouble than it's worth then I won't bother, but if it's as simple as packing them up into an archive or putting them in a specific place then it's worth doing I think.