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I need the DOS drivers found here: http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?file … &menustate=37,0

The *problem* is that you need to run a windows installer to get access to the DOS drivers and I don't have access to a windows 3.1 machine.

I tried opening the *.Z files with 7zip but it said they were an invalid file format.

Any idea how I can extract the DOS software from this Windows installer package?

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FWIW unshield doesn't like to open them either (just tried it)

If you have access to a Linux machine, Wine can be used to run Setup.exe. But it most likely has to be launched with WINEARCH=win32 and perhaps the version must also be set to 3.1.
The version can be set via winecfg or with the command "winetricks -q settings win31".