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I was trying to configure Batman Returns for DOS, as this was a game I had back in the day and am nostalgic for.
When running the setup, it warns you if your sound card is using irq 7, and falls back to adlib mode, despite being able to subsequently set the sound card to irq 7 in the very same config tool. When running the game itself, it falls back to adlib, in such a situation.

What I'm curious about is, why the game refuses to let you use irq 7? It seems completely arbitrary, I don't recall you having to print things in the game 😏

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jakethompson1 wrote on 2022-06-26, 20:29:

Further, using the parallel port in interrupt-driven mode is completely optional, and if you use the port through DOS (e.g. dir > lpt1) it uses polling mode.

Yes, from what I remember, OS/2 was an exception here because it actually used interrupts for printers/the LPT ports.

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RockstarRunner wrote on 2022-06-27, 08:53:

I wish I was able to somehow patch the game to stop refusing irq 7 for sound blaster, as I'm using a non-pnp card and I want to use 7 for Sierra games.

If you sound card IRQ isn't configured by jumpers (PnP or not), it can be temporarily changed thru software that came with the drivers to get around this absurd restriction.