ESS Mastero 3i Windows 98 Unknown Device Issue

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ESS Mastero 3i Windows 98 Unknown Device Issue

Postby retro98dealer » 2018-10-22 @ 23:16

Hello, I am a used computer dealer and a Vintage Computer Dealer on eBay. I have a Dell Latitude C810 that originally shipped with 2000/ME/XP and I installed Windows 98 SE but I am having an audio driver installation problem but i did install all the other drivers by scrambling as Dell never provided drivers or supported this OS on this model. I install the audio driver and the Device Manager for the Audio does install but then Unknown Device pops up and I can't find the files for it. I tried different versions with Packages as Dell only offered the Audio only Drivers for ME/2000 and doesn't work. I tried to use the Unknown Device identifier but I get the error saying Text exceeds Memo Capacity and I tried to search for answer to solve that but I couldn't find any. If you have any ideas, Please let me know and I would like to solve the unknown device error for Future Windows 98 Installs for Future Machine Sales.
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Re: ESS Mastero 3i Windows 98 Unknown Device Issue

Postby KCompRoom2000 » 2018-10-23 @ 21:18

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