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I noticed this card on a certain auction site. It has a Trident 4DWave-NX chip and SPDIF output.

What I saw interesting was an un-soldered PC/PCI header. Has anyone come across one of these cards with a header or soldered one on themselves? What is the card like in general?

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I have soldered pins for PC/PCI on my card and it's working. Don't think all versions of the initializer lists PC/PCI as an option but you can still force PC/PCI mode via command line options. You can run the card without the TSR, but you then have to set the sample rate for the Sound Blaster emulation manually. Trident 4DWave-NX is the only chip I know of that supports .SF2 soundbanks under DOS (think the largest font I tested were 28MB), unfortunately it's having a hard time getting the instruments right.

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