Sound Blaster Live! DOS Drivers

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Re: Sound Blaster Live! DOS Drivers

Postby maw » 2014-5-22 @ 01:04

NOEMS sorry
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Re: Sound Blaster Live! DOS Drivers

Postby dondiego » 2016-11-19 @ 21:01

I'm trying the package with a SB0220 and i'm only getting sfx in doom but no music. I get full sound in wolf3d. My settings are A220 I7 D1 H5 P330 and i've added the file 2mg4.ecw.
EDIT: fixed, midi volume was set to zero in mixer. But music worked in wolf3d and was wavetable. If i select sound blaster in doom i get slow music with the opl emulation and heavily distorted sound, this is a 2 ghz pentium 4 and the mobo has a via p4x266 chipset.
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Re: Sound Blaster Live! DOS Drivers

Postby collector » 2016-11-20 @ 03:30

Don't necropost. Also, ask all old hardware related problems in Marvin. This forum is for DOS games on modern systems.
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Re: Sound Blaster Live! DOS Drivers

Postby CCLGamer » 2017-12-05 @ 09:39

The package is great. I used it back in 2004 to make Audigy 2 work in DOS only mode. I am still using it today. Just make sure to edit liveinit.bat to include executing Audigy12.exe.

Creative could easily have let the Audigy 2 officially support DOS only mode without making any hardware changes.

I have the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro with external box with MIDI synthesizer. Yes, it plays full MIDI in DOS only mode.
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