The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

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Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

Postby Ageve » 2018-8-10 @ 21:52

Not sure if this is the right thread, but I recorded a few samples of the OPL-emulation
on Creative AudioPCI 128, aka Soundblaster 16 PCI or Vibra 128.

It's so bad, it's funny. But the OPL sound is still better than the PCM/Soundblaster
compatibility (most games crash or distort the sound).

The card works better in Windows.
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Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

Postby flecom » 2018-9-30 @ 06:23

this is pretty awesome, is there a db like this for comparing midi sound modules?
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Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

Postby Salient » 2018-10-02 @ 14:24

Kind of. :)

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Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

Postby Intel486dx33 » 2018-11-02 @ 13:57

Does the Sound blaster CT2230 play MIDI files in DOS mode ?
Is it better than the Sound Blaster Pro-2 or AWE64 ?
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Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

Postby gdjacobs » 2018-11-06 @ 16:21

For software that uses the MPU-401 interface to output MIDI, the CT2230 will require an external module or device (such as a PC with a software synth) for MIDI sound. As for their strengths and weaknesses, here's a few.

The CT2230 and AWE64 both support 16 bit / 44.1 khz playback (most useful for Windows and a handful of specific DOS programs). Both these cards don't support all SB Pro 2 audio modes, although the real value of this is still being debated.
The AWE64 has the EMU MIDI synthesis engine onboard (most useful for Windows, although it does function in DOS and is even used directly by a handful of games).
Both the SB Pro 2 and CT2230 have an accurate OPL3 implementation onboard for FM synthesis.
SB 16 cards including the AWE64 have some noise/distortion issues, although the AWE64 is generally better for this.
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