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Postby PARUS » 2019-6-10 @ 19:52

Gahhhrrrlic wrote:The video I watched on Phil's Computer Lab showcased the 0100 and he seemed to think that one was ok. Are there any better models? Since he had a 0060 for reference, why didn't he use that one if it's part of the Platinum series?

Please don't search logic in each step of Phil's actions. He took an SB0100 for his tests because it's just latest model (except "Dell" 0220). He could choose any other model with proper driver and nothing would change in practise. There aren't "best" and "worst" Lives, they all have a same DSP with a same features. CTXXXX are all 4.0 (centre and LFE are blocked in EEPROM), SBXXXX are all 5.1.

Phil knows about Live! no more and no less than you.
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