List of motherboards with SB-link (PC/PCI) header

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Re: List of motherboards with SB-link (PC/PCI) header

Postby Razor655 » 2017-11-16 @ 17:20

These boards also have SB-Link:
Chaintech 6BDU
Chaintech 6BTS
Chaintech 6BTA3
Chaintech 6BTA2
Chaintech 6BTA
Chaintech 6BTM

Chaintech 6BTM0 board. Soft Menu (It is not perfect, but....), 3x ISA, SB-Link, Tualatin unofficial support, but works fine.Really good board.

Yeah, 6BTM is one of the best boards for Slot1. It has anything I need (4 DIMM, 3 ISA, Soft menu, USB legacy support for DOS, old good AWARD bios (my fetish lol) with many tunables and it's fast!
The only downside is average reliability. Much people complain about damaged fan controller. Personally I'm not affected by this: I connect fans to DC regulator which connected directly to PSU with molex.
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- Chaintech 6BTM
- P2 400@200MHz (100x2)
- 128M RAM
- Chaintech GeForce4 MX440 64M DVI
- Creative Sound Blaster 16 CT2890
- MsDOS7.10, Win3.11, Win98SE
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Re: List of motherboards with SB-link (PC/PCI) header

Postby timitt » 2017-11-16 @ 19:12

Abit AB-BM6 (also 440BX motherboard) seems to have SB-LINK too. This was first time I actually looked after what it is. Seems that I haven't missed too much not knowing.
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Re: List of motherboards with SB-link (PC/PCI) header

Postby Baoran » 2018-10-05 @ 22:07

I have gigabyte GA-6BXD and it has SB-LINK support. ISA slots too so...
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