Time classification of 6 soundcards

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Time classification of 6 soundcards

Postby melbar » 2017-1-01 @ 13:25

Have 6 ISA soundcards with these sound chip's.

    - Avance ALS100+
    - Avance ALS007
    - ESS ES688
    - OPTi 928 + Crystal 4248
    - OPTi 929 + AD1846
    - AZT2316R + Crystal 4231
It would be interesting for me to know the correct release time of these cards / or these sound chip's.
Maybe somebody here has more information about that...
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Re: Time classification of 6 soundcards

Postby elod » 2017-1-01 @ 15:54

The info should be right on the cards in the form of a datecode.
The AZT2316R is supposed to be nice, the ALS100+ is the latest of all, it's even found integrated on some late Socket 7 mainboards.
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Re: Time classification of 6 soundcards

Postby jesolo » 2017-1-01 @ 18:29

Apart from the revision and date codes, many sound cards also has an FCC ID.
You can then do a search on their database to obtain a date.
It's not necessarily a release date, but gives you an idea when the sound card was registered with the FCC.
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