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When i searched for Kasan Electronics 3D glasses product a found archieved page with a late ISA sound card which is totally unknown for me:
http://web.archive.org/web/19961203010858/htt … duct/e_pr3.html
Kasan WaveX 32PnP
sadly picture is very small:

Rockwell modems were very popular but i never heard aboud Rockwell Sound Cards.
Ang google is blind.
I know Turtle Beach used Rockwell chips but it was only "waveblaster" daughterboard. And with two small size squared Rockwell chips.
But this card is with a main chip very big size like AWE64 or AMD Interwave. And two smaller rectangle chip. One must be wavetable ROM, second could be wavetable processor or RAM. Maybe one or two more similar size chips are unsoldered between.

Have or tested someone sound card with Rockwell RWA300 or RWA100 chipset?

Kasan page is dead and i can´t find drivers for download.

Specs copied from web site:
16bit Sigma Delta
128 x oversampling
Full Duplex
Digital sample rate conversion(SRC)- 0.7Hz resolution
4-44.1KHz playback and record
80 DB signal to noise ratio(SNR)
Fully compatible with Sound Blaster Pro2.0/ADLIB(OPL2/3)
Windows sound system API/MPU-401/General MIDI
Joystick interface with timers
Enhanced IDE interface for CD-ROM

Audio Chip : Rockwell RWA300
Signal to noise Ratio : 80db
Play/record sampling rate : 4KHz - 44.1KHz
Frequency response : 20Hz - 20KHz(Line out)
Supported port :Line In/Out, MIC In, Joystick port

Voyetra Audio Station II :
Audio station - CD,Mixer,WAV,MIDI control
Audio view - Digital audio editing
MIDI Orchestra - MIDI editing
Video station - Video CD(DAT,MPG) playback
Recording station - MIDI, Digital audio recording
Jammin'Keys - MIDI, digital audio composition
Music Write - Musical note editing and output
Sound check - Audio system analysis