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i just recently purchased gus max and sb16. which one do i plug my speakers into? do i plug it into gus, or sb16?
and even if i plugged my speakers into sb16, would i be able to hear music from my gus max?
i am new to gus and sb16, what is the correct setup to use these two sound cards together in games?

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The GUS will have better ADC and DAC performance via the CS4231 codec. I'd plug the SB16 into the Max, at least initially.


I notice that you've posted questions on this topic in a few different threads. That's considered bad form here and not really necessary. The community is strong and responsive, so there's no reason to spam the board to get noticed.

If you have a project you want to discuss, try to confine all the major elements and details in one thread. You can then link it in briefly in an appropriate general news thread (such as this one for retro hardware) so people know what you're up to and can check it out at their leisure.

All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder

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Not only that, but he necro'd a five year old thread. Fixed.

No crossposting, jstartscomm 😀

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