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I was watching the PhilsComputerLab' comparison of the various Roland CM modules. In it, he goes over the 'clicking' bug, where earlier models of CM-32L and CM-64 devices would exhibit clicks/pops in certain MIDI songs.

My question is how much of a detriment is this in practice, particularly when it comes to using these devices for MIDI gaming? Is it something that's likely noticeable with general usage or something that's only apparent in specific circumstances?

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Shponglefan wrote:

Good to know. I guess one just needs a compatible EEPROM chip and a programmer...

That's it!

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The "clicking" issue was actually first resolved in the v1.01 program ROM, for what it's worth. Roland described the symptom in vague terms as "noise originating when the PCM partial is truncated."

In other words, when a partial using a PCM waveform and having a TVA attack time of zero (or close to it) is triggered repeatedly, and all 32 partials are exhausted, a sounding partial will get cut-off and re-triggered during mid-playback of the PCM waveform, with no smooth volume ramping between the on and off states, resulting in the "clicking" behavior.

This issue seems to be common with Roland's early PCM and RS-PCM playback devices. From experience, the D-70 (synthesizer) has a similar "problem," as do the SC-55, SC-55mkII, and variants.