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So I have this P4 s423 build with a SB0060 Live Value inside. I'm running Windows ME with the unofficial service pack 2.02. The "Sound Blaster Live! Install (VXD + WDM)" image from VogonsDrivers thought it would be wise to install the WDM drivers, didn't even ask. While the card worked, I would get huge lag and framedrops in Heavy Metal FAKK2 and Thief Gold. By manually updating to the 09/2001 WDM drivers ("Sound Blaster Live! Value/PCI 512/5.1 Sept 2001 WDM", VogonsDrivers) the situation improved, the framedrops reduced, but not dramatically. Setting the games NOT to use HW sound acceleration/EAX, they were running silky smooth. Was going to keep the 09/2001 WDM drivers, but when I tried to play Jazz Jackrabbit and experienced choppy/stuttery crap instead of sound, I wanted to experiment a bit. Sure, this isn't a box for DOS games, but it gave me the feeling that something was broken. Today I uninstalled everything, installed everything from the CD and then forcefully switched to the VxD drivers. All stutter is gone, SB16 emulation works fine, EAX2 doesn't cause in-game lag and the whole toolkit of Creative still works. I have yet to encounter a single problem with them. Am I missing something (i.e. a setting), or WDM drivers aren't suitable for this kind of build? Any cons for using the VxD drivers instead of the WDM?

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Its not like components found in trash after 20 years in rain dont still work flawlessly.

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Early WDM drivers usually have problems. VXD is the way to go.

It's the same story with other Creative cards. Even the Audigy 2 has VXD drivers as an option and they are the best choice on 9x or Me ffor gaming.

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Which VXD driver version did you install? VXD

Does this version recognize the SB0060 natively without modding the .inf file?

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