SBLive in DOS 6.22 - Am I missing somehting?

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SBLive in DOS 6.22 - Am I missing somehting?

Postby Tmp2k » 2017-10-30 @ 21:05

I've got this card working fine in Win98 and I copied the DOSDRV folder to my DOS 6.22, tried to run SBEINIT but got an error about there being no config. I tried the release notes and played around with the other EXEs but can't get anything to work.

What am I missing here? Can someone explain the process for getting an SBLive to work in DOS? It's an i865G chipset mobo.

I've searched on here and found a few similar posts but no resolutions.
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Re: SBLive in DOS 6.22 - Am I missing somehting?

Postby nebular » 2017-11-05 @ 06:40

I had the same problem. I even had the problem with Win98 booted to DOS. I found I had to install and configure the drivers in Windows first and once that was working I could get SBEINIT to run. I was never able to get it working in 6.22
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Re: SBLive in DOS 6.22 - Am I missing somehting?

Postby jesolo » 2017-11-05 @ 07:29

SBEINIT reads from a configuration file that is stored in the Windows folder.
This file is updated as the settings in Windows are updated.
It's called CTSYN.INI.

You could try to copy over this file and place it in a dummy Windows folder but, I'm not sure whether this will work.
Any settings in this file must then be manually updated under DOS and you need to make sure it doesn't conflict with any other hardware settings in your PC.
I would recommend sticking with the standard Sound Blaster settings.
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