Dreamblaster S2 vs X2

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Dreamblaster S2 vs X2

Postby squiggly » 2017-10-31 @ 20:04

What's the actual difference here? I can't seem to find an overall comparison...the official website seems to indicate the X2 is preloaded with soundbank files...but the S2 also comes with some kind of default set judging by reviews.

Is it just about sound quality, or are there functional differences one would care about?

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Re: Dreamblaster S2 vs X2

Postby cyclone3d » 2017-10-31 @ 20:36

Big ones are for normal folks:
X2 has 64MB flash so you can load your own soundbanks
X2 has 81-voice polyphony vs 38 for the S2
X2 has audio out as well as USB midi in so you can use it as a standalone device and no drivers required in XP
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Re: Dreamblaster S2 vs X2

Postby dreamblaster » 2017-11-01 @ 19:56

thanks cyclone3d, that's correct !

Heros Inn has some comparisons on soundcloud :
For example this ultima online track :
S2 : https://soundcloud.com/heros-inn/ultima ... e-ocllomid
X2 with standard dream bank : https://soundcloud.com/heros-inn/ultima ... e-ocllomid
X2 with GUD 0.7 bank : https://soundcloud.com/heros-inn/ultima ... e-ocllomid
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