Need help do identify unknown Soundcard

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Need help do identify unknown Soundcard

Postby nicetux » 2017-11-22 @ 19:25

I got these soundcard today, but i find nothing about it. Is here someone who has the same card? I know the card is from Octek and has a Yamaha OPL2 YM3812. How can i use. Do i need special drivers? Maybe there exist some software for this card. I haven't found it.

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Re: Need help do identify unknown Soundcard

Postby BeginnerGuy » 2017-11-22 @ 19:47

Looks like your basic ad-lib clone to me. Have you tried installing it and simply selecting "adlib" for your sound play back in game? Should work right out of the box with Commander Keen 4 (or later), I doubt it needs any special drivers to work with DOS games.
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Re: Need help do identify unknown Soundcard

Postby jesolo » 2017-11-22 @ 19:49

Agree with BeginnerGuy's post.
Should also work under Windows 3.1/9x by just installing the standard Adlib driver (that comes with Windows).
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