Multiple PCI sound cards

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Multiple PCI sound cards

Postby PoulpSquad » 2017-11-24 @ 07:27


I need your input on a problem and a way to solve it.

I'm trying to build a Windows 98 machine to play both Windows and DOS games.
I'll use DAEMON Tools 3.47 in Windows to play bin/cues.

There are 3 sound devices installed in my PC right now, an ISA Sound Blaster AWE3, a Sound Blaster Live! value, and a Roland MPU-401AT.
The AWE32 is the main audio device configured as the preferred audio device in Windows, and the Live! is set to play CD audio through DAEMON Tools.
This works fine for DOS games and most Windows games, but it is very slow for others (Duke Nukem Manhattan Project comes to mind).

I'd like to keep the AWE32 for DOS, have one Live! for DAEMON Tools, and have another Live! as main sound device for general use in Windows.
I tried this configuration, but I'm having issues getting 2 Lives! to work in Windows 98.

Are there any PCI sound devices that could work in pairs?
Is there a way to install WDM drivers for a Live!, and have both DAEMON Tools output CD audio and regular game audio at the same time?

Joystick ports, DOS support, MIDI and environmental sound aren't desired. I do require fast enough devices for Windows games
with decent drivers, DirectSound support, and capable to work in pairs without conflicts.

My specs:

Pentium III @ 800 Mhz
AOpen AX63 Pro (Via chipset)
2x 512 MB SDRAM @ 133 Mhz
Voodoo 3 3000 AGP
Sound Blaster Live! Value CT4830
Sound Blaster SB32 CT3930
Roland MPU-401AT
Windows 98 SE with Unofficial Service Pack 3.57

Thank you for your time reading this.


I managed to get it working by installing a fresh copy of Windows 98 SE and using WDM drivers generously provided by the VOGONS community here,0.

Now I have CD audio in games both in DOS (using the AWE32) and Windows (with the SB Live! set as default sound device).
For some strange reason, the CT4830 refused to appear as a wave device, although WDM drivers were correctly installed, and DAEMON Tools crashed when I selected any sound card at all.

Thank you for your patience, I'm off playing some games!
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