soundblaster enumeration on win98 devices

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soundblaster enumeration on win98 devices

Postby ElBrunzy » 2017-11-26 @ 05:40

I made a sceenshot for a friend to show that I got it's gusmax well installed on my pc. Anyway then it grasp my mind, why would the soundblaster always had to show twice in synth device manager. I remember it did that when I try to use one with a yamaha ymf74x but I thought it was caused by some sort of bad hardware emulation. This computer have a soundblaster 1.5 and a gusmax isa card. Now I'm wondering if it could be related to the two way of accessing the fm chip of the soundblaster? via the sb baseport 220 or the opl port 388. The sb1.5 did show that way before I added the saa1099 chip and of course it change nothing on windows device manager. Also every time I try to play music thru the "soundblaster or compatible" midi device nothing give, unlike the "internal opl2/3 device" which never fail to deliver astounding music from the opl chip.
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