soundcards -5v

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soundcards -5v

Postby scroeffie » 2017-12-12 @ 19:25

hi i have a sounblaster 32 ct 3620
and a ct 2960
witch one of these cards needs -5v ?
just want to make shure i need the -5v or not
cant find any info via google thanks
sorry for asking so many questions ,iam new to all this stuff :)
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Re: soundcards -5v

Postby Kubik » 2017-12-12 @ 19:36

Just check if -5V bus signal is connected. From a rather lowres picture of CT3620 it looks like it's not using -5V, but it does use -12V. I couldn't easily find any picture of CT2960.
-5V is signal B5 - it should be the rear side of the card, fifth signal counting from the steel card holder.
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Re: soundcards -5v

Postby Ozzuneoj » 2017-12-13 @ 01:51

I don't think any Soundblasters past the CT1350B SB 2.0 needed -5v. I could be wrong though.
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Re: soundcards -5v

Postby gdjacobs » 2017-12-13 @ 02:42

Apparently Goldfinch cards require it.
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