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so if I run this:

ek2m -b -v -io ac97 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

It takes it without error, if I then just run:

ek2m -b -v -io ac97

it shows them all at zero again?

Does that sound right?

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Work with a lot of keys is extremely inconvenient if they don't fit in one command line and you're forced to type another commands. Therefore use "-f matrix" please, it's absolutely self-sufficient method. Try to enable ac97-afront route and disable i2s1-afront route.

I don't understand what you're doin wrong. But something you're doin wrong for sure, the program is successfully tested on i440/Apollo families. And not only.

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I finally installed a my SB Live! Value CT4830 along with a CT4660 S/PDIF breakout . Thanks to this program, I can initialize the digital out and use it as a clock source for my VS-880EX even when running under DOS .

I am probably going to try a DOS based EMU10K1 compatible MOD player soon .

Extremely happy and grateful that this mixer application exists!