Gameports and joysticks

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Gameports and joysticks

Postby foil_fresh » 2019-4-15 @ 04:23

Sure it's not a sound topic but it's a sound card topic... kinda.


I have bought 2 old joysticks, one is the Sidewinder Precsision Pro and also a Logitech wingman light. Both of these joysticks have drivers in windows 98 and they are options to select from the hardware when I choose to add a joystick device.

The problem is that I can't get either of them to work. I have tried on both my Win98se machines, one is a Soltek nforce board which has gameport built in (with the nforce audio onboard), it also has a SB live so there are 2 gameports on this machine. Both ports don't detect either joystick. I have also tried on my other P3 550/asus p2b with an sb live also (different card same model).

I plug them in, add the device, refresh... I reboot... no luck.

I have used the nforce chipset installer for the soltek board along with some w9x driver package from vogons (i think) and on the other P3 i have installed sb live drivers from the ISO on philscomputerlab website.

Would there be some caveat i'm missing with some sort of compatibility issue, or driver problem from the packages? I mean these joysticks are probably over 20 years old. I can't be sure if they work or not as I have no way to test these other than what I'm doing.

I also have a 3rd SB live card i -could- test as well as a hercules fortissimo card that i'm sure has a gameport as well. Any hints/tips before I try any more sound cards?

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Re: Gameports and joysticks

Postby cyclone3d » 2019-4-15 @ 04:58

You need to find a known working gamepad or joystick and make sure the gameports on your cards are working.

You really shoudn't even have to reboot when adding a joystick or gamepad.

My bet is either a driver issue or both of the controllers are bad.

Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro driver:

Logitech Wingman light driver - this should be the latest:

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Re: Gameports and joysticks

Postby foil_fresh » 2019-4-15 @ 05:02

Yeah I specifically bought the wingman to be the "test" device as it was sold as working but who knows.

I'll try those drivers like you mention. Thanks!
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