Suddenly low sound on PC speaker

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Suddenly low sound on PC speaker

Postby Pravnuk » 2019-8-10 @ 19:10

I ran into some troubles on my Compaq Presario CDS 520 (486) the other day. Basically, I was messing around with connecting a small amplifier board to the integrated speakers. The right speaker also serves as PC speaker. Now, after the installation I noticed that the sound of the PC speaker is extremely low, it is barely noticable. This situation remains, even if I remove the modifications and return the Compaq to original condition.

Anyone have a clue of what can be the problem? I tried connecting another speaker to the PC speaker pins to the motherboard, with the same result. I suspect I might have caused some damage, feeding the pins on the motherboard with 5V from the power to the amplifier or similar, but what component damage would cause the PC speaker to go almost silent?
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