New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

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truemaster wrote on 2020-09-13, 08:00:

the way i see the opl chip on this awe64 legacy board it will sound just like it did on sb16. problem is is cqm isolated muted if you like on all situations?

When you initialise the card with UNISOUND, you move CQM to another port, or disable it entirely.

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truemaster wrote on 2020-09-14, 06:50:

oh thats good. but i get is about pure dos. can also happen in windows? most af the times i play dos games inside windows dos window

Yes, the same way - CQM is assigned some other port (398h, for example).

kolderman wrote on 2020-09-14, 10:18:

Will it do reverb on the opl?

No. It does reverb on the CQM, but OPL is fed directly into the mixer.

kolderman wrote on 2020-09-14, 10:18:

Can it load sf2 files under dos?

All software limitations inherent to the original AWE series are here as well. We haven't developed any special software drivers and/or tools, the aim of the project was to address hardware limitations and solve them to the maximum possible extent.

New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy
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