SB CT5330 Issue

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SB CT5330 Issue

Postby tensi0n » 2019-8-11 @ 22:47

Hello Friends!

I have installed a SB CT5330 in my IBM PS/2 77 486 and I am having issues with the machine crashing whenever I try to run a game which tries to use the sound FX portion of the card. I can get music to play but sound FX does not. When attempting to run DOOM, I can set the music to sound blaster and PC speaker for sound FX and it runs fine. When I set it to sound blaster, it crashes. I get the same results with other DOS games. I have a feeling the card is conflicting with something but I can't figure out what. I've changed every IRQ DMA, etc. around that I know of and still not working. I have windows 3.11 installed and I'm able to play wav and midi files without any problems. I attached some screen shots of my IBM config settings to assist. Thank you.
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