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is here a list of ISA Sound Cards which working under Windows XP and 2000 operating systems?
If we expecting PC with full ISA support chipset and -/+5V power source.
What PC is best for testing ISA snd cards under XP? I440BX with PIII? Or some early Socket A or Socket 370 VIA, SiS or ALI?
Is problem in system with RAM over 128MB?

Which cards have build in drivers under NT5.x systems and what need separate files?

What update or service pack removed support of older (nonPnP?) devices?

Where is archived Microsoft list of sound devices supported by W2k and XP?


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YMF71x cards have built in driver on XP and probably 2K too.

T-04YBSC, a new YMF71x based sound card & Official VOGONS thread about it
Newly made 4MB 60ns 30pin SIMMs ~
mida sa loed ? nagunii aru ei saa 😜