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I needed a sound card for my Compaq 486. So I got a SoundBlaster 16 from Ebay. Stupidly I just thought that all ISA SoundBlaster cards work just by setting jumpers and making a tweak to your AUTOEXEC.BAT. Not in this case, it's a Plug n' Play (Vibra) card from 1995, more likely designed for Windows 95 or better.

So I made this video to shows you how to physically install the card into a PC, as well as configure the card with the Creative CTCM tool in DOS to make the card work in Plug n' Play mode. Then there's a demo. Where I play DooM. Of course!
Ever tried to get a jumperless PnP ISA sound blaster card working on DOS? Here's how!

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My only complaint about CTCM, really a nitpick, is the time it takes to init the card . Every goes extremely fast at boot, except CTCM . Maybe I'll try UNISOUND .

EDIT: Nice video . I am more of a reader personally, but I wonder about the possible usefulness of having a vogons video library aimed at beginners .