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I have recently built an older Win95 computer. Its has a Crystal Audio Card in it. Everything works fine except there is a CD Audio issue that I can not figure out. I do have the CD audio cable coming from the back of the CD drive into the sound card. All the drivers are setup and the CD volume is up on the volume control. If I insert a game with CD audio (Quake 1 in this case) I can open the CD in the Windows CD Player program and hear it all just fine. I even unplugged the CD audio cable while playing to confirm the audio stopped when doing so and it did. The only problem is that whenever I try to play any game that includes CD audio it will not play those tracks. It says it detects the CD tracks and everything. Just no CD audio output whatsoever while in game.

Is there anything I am forgetting to check in some setting somewhere? This one has baffled me!