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Hey everyone,

First of all I wanted to thanks the people running this wonderful website as it helped very much revive vintage hardware and solve software problems I forgot how to solve with the years.

I use a couple of old Toshiba vintage laptop, I'm very fond of my T2130CT for which I even made a new battery.
However it lacks a sound card.

As someone pointed in another topic, there is no real difference between a T2130 and a T2150 (which has a sound card under the palm rest)
The manual of the 2130 mentions a "sound card connector" on the motherboard, but it's unclear if there ever was a real (toshiba) option to add to this computer (so that it basically becomes a 2150)

Does anyone know if it is possible at all to add a soundcard to a 2130 ?
I know this is very specific... Maybe someone can help