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Hello everyone. I use Scarlett 2i2 Gen2 audio interface with Windows 7 x64. Everything works fine, but the thing is official drivers from Focusrite website are only online and also they requires user to suck all updates from microsoft. All dirt that I don't want and makes my computer slow down. I do have no needs to switch to Win10. I do not use direct X12 and newer features on my workstation. Good old Win7 serves me well and cover all my needs, I do always set up fresh Windows installation as I need, features, settings, firewall, registery, automatic updates to be turned off and so on. Anyone know where to get offline drivers or way to get around microsoft certificates? Thanks

ASUS P2B-F, PII 450Mhz, 128MB-SDR, 3Dfx Diamond Monster 3D II SLI, Matrox Millennium II AGP, Diamond Monster Sound MX300