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Ok so i'm pretty much a n00b here and I can't figure this out. I identified my hardware as a CT2770 and installed the appropriate driver packs from vogons.

When i boot windows 98 into DOS mode the SB16 is recognized as 220, 5,1,5 and all my games run fine. However when I boot into windows 98 and launch a DOS app, it detects the sound card as using IRQ 10, 0, 7

Once i launch the program in windows with the different settings the sound works. If i switch it to 220, 5,1,5 it wont work. Now my question is why??

Why does it change, I kind of would like my settings to not change.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

My RetroRig: IBM 300gl, Pentium II 400, 192mb Ram, S3 Trio64 2mb, SB16 Value
Win98 SE 4.10.22222 A

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Windows 95/98/ME has its own resource management and initializes Plug-and-Play cards when the Windows core boots (i.e. not when you boot "command prompt only"). When you boot command prompt only, the Sound Blaster card is initialized by the BIOS instead. You can't configure much in the BIOS, but if the BIOS assumes that the preferred resources (called "Base Configuration 0" (I think) in Windows) are free, it will always configure the card like that. The preferred resources for a Soundblaster 16 (-like) card are 220,5,1,5 - that's why the BIOS picks them.

To get Windows use the same settings, go to the device manager, open the properties of the SB16 device, and on the "resources" tab, chose "based on configuration 0" (or configuration 1, I am not sure whether they start counting at 0 or 1). If windows rejects those settings due to conflict, you need to move some other card from the conflicting resources.