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I have a fairly intimate knowledge of ISA & PCI SB cards from the Win95 / Dos 6.22 era, happy to help diagnose your "retro" build issues.
I mostly dealt with Sound Blaster Pro models, SB 16, some MIDI, and CDROM drivers, interfacing, etc.
Feel free to ping me with your questions and I'll do my best to help.

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Very cool, great to have you! Welcome to VOGONS!

1992-1994 is a really fascinating timeframe for PC sound. Creative is the standard for DOS audio and everyone here has been learning a lot about those cards.

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Do you know why so many different revisions of the SB Pro 2.0 were made?

Same for the SB 2.0 (CT1350b)

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Welcome sir! It's an honor to have you with us here.

Do you by chance have any information on the Vibra distortion bug and what could be done to remedy it? So far, our best workaround was to lower in-game volume below 50% but many older DOS games don't have in-game volume sliders.

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