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I have a computer with dual boot Windows 98 / Windows XP SP2. Quick specs below:

MB QDI Advance 10T
P3 Tualatin 1,4GHz
GF4 TI 4200
Dual soundcards SB Audigy PCI + AWE32 CT3900 ISA

I have speakers connected to AWE32 card with 3,5mm cable from spkr out on Audigy card to line in on AWE32 card. This setup works fine in Windows 98 where Audigy card is default for sound. However in Windows XP i cannot install the AWE32 card and therefore have no sound even though Audigy card is set as default. I have tried to search for the AWE32-card via "add new hardware" with no luck. Anyone got any idea how to make it work? Previously had a SB32 CT3670 PNP together with the Audigy card and it worked fine both in Win98 and XP.

Or is non-pnp sound card a no-go for Win XP?