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I got a P100 system and it came with what appears to be an Opti AT931 (I see 'QSound' on the board too though). Not sure which make/model this is but I'm having trouble getting it working. I'm thinking this is some sort of Adlib or FM synth type card? On the board I can see a little area for 'wavetable synthesis'. I think that's for connecting another board that has the wavetable/sample option, or something.

When booting my computer I see 'SMC665GT PnP', and shortly afterward I see where it says 'Initializing plug and play cards, AT931 Audio 16', so I imagine my motherboard is automatically detecting the card and it should just work without installing drivers. But I can't get anything out of it...

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If it's the same thing as Opti 82c931 then it is essentially an SB Pro clone. It is an ISA card right? Probably need to run the SNDINIT or SNDTUNE program from the Opti drivers to enable it.

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Opti PnP cards won't work without initialization. You can pick an Opti 931 driver from vogonsdrivers.com and install it, or just use unisoud that should work fine with this card. The Opti 931 is a SB Pro 2.0 / WSS clone with OPL3-compatible FM-synth for music. So you should be able to run 99% of DOS games just fine. The wavetable header is nice for adding general midi compatibility with an optional wavetable module .