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Having a clean out, and found an old wallet, and looking through it, I found a receipt from when I bought an Aureal Vortex 2 from a computer shop, here in Finland. 700 MK on 13.3.2000
That's it, just wanted to share because I was so surprised to find it.

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I sometimes find old receipts in boxed games I buy on eBay. Sometimes they hard to read though because the ink fades.

ETA: I have six such receipts:

NASCAR Racing purchased in January 1995
Phantasmagoria in December 1995
Laser Squad in April 1997
Dune in September 1997
Flight Simulator 98 in November 1998
Combat Flight Simulator 2 in December 2000 [this one was purchased together with a Saitek Cyborg 3D II joystick]

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Along those lines, this price tag is still on the back of my Epox MVP3G-M.


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firage wrote on 2022-04-22, 14:20:

You know about the culture. 😁

The SuperStore! There was no other place back then. Price equivalent to about $120 at the time, with tax.

Yep, bought a few things from there. The K6-2 was from Data Info in Itäkeskus. After that though, it was all Verkkokauppa.

And I think I'm to old to be on the Euro Shopper juice 😂 I had to check where you were from that you knew about that. How the hell? 😆