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Hello everyone,

I wanted to look around for a Roland MT-32 or possibly SC-55. I've noticed that both cards had their ISA card equivalents - LAPC-I and SCC-I respectively. Well, I don't have so many ISA ports to spare. But I did notice that there exists Roland SCP-55, which is a PCMCIA card. I could easily get a PCI2PCMCIA adapter and pop it in. Problem is, would I be able to connect the MIDI port on the AWE64 to the SCP-55, and would that work as a General MIDI device under FreeDOS?

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It might work or it might not, you'll have to try if you can find a SCP-55 with the breakout box for cheaper than a SC-55...
May I suggest looking for a Roland PMA-5, it's smaller than a SC-55.

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