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Re: VGA Capture Thread

Postby Stiletto » 2017-10-12 @ 16:15

vvbee wrote:It's off the cuff beta software the rights of mine to which I've decided not to sign away unnecessarily. It wouldn't be in line with that decision to upload it onto a 3rd party host whose terms of service I don't know.


The terms of use for VOGONS were provided in a link to you when you registered: ucp.php?mode=terms

This is the privacy policy: ucp.php?mode=privacy

I believe both are stock for phpBB forums.
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Re: VGA Capture Thread

Postby vvbee » 2017-10-13 @ 00:48

Stiletto wrote:The terms of use for VOGONS were provided in a link to you when you registered: ucp.php?mode=terms
This is the privacy policy: ucp.php?mode=privacy

No doubt, and I would've read them not intending to use vogons as a file host. In any case I couldn't see a link to them for this occasion. Looking through them now, I'm not immediately alarmed, but whether I decide to upload is another matter. The potential userbase for vcs seems rather small and I don't think it's expected to grow much in the near future. The need for the program seems to have been fulfilled for now, and a new version probably comes up at some point anyway.

Tree Wyrm wrote:@vvbee Yep, modified .vcp to default brightness/contrast values from rgbeasy. I have another question, perhaps you might know. There's VisionRGB configuration utility which provides some basic EDID editing, and I wonder if it's possible to modify it in such way not to tell preferred resolution to display adapter, I'd like to prevent graphics card from attempting to scale image by itself and try to force it to output original image. But frankly I don't know whether it can be done via EDID at all, just a theory. Another approach I think would be modifying graphics card BIOS to disable built-in scaler, but I reckon it would still output at preferred resolution with image centered and having black bars around.

No idea, sorry. Seems particular to the post-vga cards.
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Re: VGA Capture Thread

Postby Tree Wyrm » 2017-10-13 @ 11:45

Figured out some sort of approach here. For DVI output built-in scaler in Nvidia cards can be disabled either by modifying BIOS or temporarily with NVSC. Use VisionRGB configuration utility to modify EDID, set custom preset and set preferred display resolution to a maximum resolution you intend to use at retro PC, for example 1024x768x70hz. When retro system boots run with argument 2 to disable scaler and output image at left top corner. In vvbee's VCS change input resolution to whichever current you actually have (720x400 for text-mode, 640x400 for 320x200 and so on) and output to what you actually want and whether you want to use filter in scaling.

A feature suggestion if I may have for vvbee's VCS is option to maintain selected input source aspect ratio, force it to specific (like 4:3) or maintain aspect ratio (current), similar to how it is in VisionRGB window program.
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