Voodoo2 SLI & DirectX 7 question

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Voodoo2 SLI & DirectX 7 question

Postby buckeye » 2018-3-13 @ 17:08

I wondering if anyone knows if the latest ref. drivers OR the FastVoodoo iterations play nice with DX7? The actual card(s) with be Creative 3D Blaster 2 in SLI.
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Re: Voodoo2 SLI & DirectX 7 question

Postby tgod » 2018-3-13 @ 19:44

The read me for the latest drivers tell you to install Directx7.
Yes, its compatible.

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Re: Voodoo2 SLI & DirectX 7 question

Postby leileilol » 2018-3-14 @ 00:05

Also note that the DirectX7 V2 drivers do regress some D3D games' visuals. Breaks AVP for example so don't forget about the DX6 drivers yet.
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