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I would say one of these three: CL-5446, S3-Trio64v+ or S3-Virge325.
They are all highly (possible 100%) compatible with Dos, they are all fast and none of them makes vertical spaghetti lines.
Just be aware of the S3's, as some of them can have weak vga signal quality or be too bright.
Number Nine cards are typically of great quality.

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Also really good on the compatibility front is the 3dfx Voodoo3 in any of its PCI incarnations. I'm not actually sure how well it plays with DOS GLIDE games - by the time I was able to get my hands on any actual 3dfx hardware, the heyday of the Voodoo series was mostly over - but as a 2d card it's actually fantastic, and anything that would work with a Voodoo2 *ought* to work with a Voodoo3, AFAIK. (Stuff that wants a classic Voodoo is the sticky point.)

If you're not planning to play any of the few games that Matrox cards exhibit weirdness with, they have fantastic image quality and are quite fast in Windows. There are some known compatibility problems, but it's not like they're fraught with artifacting and glitches in every game - just a few fairly well-documented problems. OTOH, if your planned library includes the Commander Keen games, maybe look elsewhere...

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