Diamond Stealth III S540 32Mb

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Re: Diamond Stealth III S540 32Mb

Postby nforce4max » 2018-1-13 @ 23:41

In my opinion but probably a fact for many that one of the biggest downsides to the V3 pci is going to always be the cost as the cards are always in demand while the Banshee often goes under the radar so to speak as people are less familiar while others it is looked upon as being slow for the job. The Riva TNT pci and TNT 2 M64 pci are good options as they are dirt cheap and demand is much lower than other more desirable cards of the era, Riva 128 pci on the other hand does have a bit of a place so those don't sit around on eBay too long unless mislisted or overpriced by dodgy sellers.
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Re: Diamond Stealth III S540 32Mb

Postby betamax80 » 2018-1-14 @ 00:40

I'm also after the final S540 PCI BIOS - I'm sure there's a few of us now. I think latest is 226e if anyone can help. Maybe it provides better VBE?

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Re: Diamond Stealth III S540 32Mb

Postby matze79 » 2018-1-14 @ 04:27

Yeah but Trio3D AGP has no 3D Accelration that counts.
And i run 95/98 too.

Also playing Omnikron on this Machine, the Savage does well at 1024x768.
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