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IBM PS/2 Monitor

Postby Vicxar27 » 2017-1-14 @ 00:37

I have an IBM monitor that a company was going to throw away. I snatched it before its redemption time and now I'm thinking of fixing it. The VGA connector is cut off, and there's dirt and grime everywhere. I have spare VGA cables that I don't mind sacrificing, but my question is:

Will a monitor that has been fixed be less valuable (on eBay and other auction sites) than a monitor that has been subjected to a less harsher fate?
Now that I've said my question, I will post pictures of the monitor (with updates so you know what I'm doing.

The monitor is an IBM 8513. It came with PS/2 systems.
The front

The cable has been cut unfortunately
The back cable

But the real damage is at the bottom
Oh crap...

Don't worry, I will try to keep posting picture of the restoration. Hopefully it works...
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