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rein_ein wrote:
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at least you now got that fancy box 🤣
reflow maybe? not worth it but if u have some soldering station laying around no probs.

Well I told the seller its bad and got a full refund and get to keep the card 😀

I don't really think its worth the trouble to fix. But I'll take a closer look at it. I'll probably take a heat gun to it and if that does not work, pull the Core off to make a key chain and scrap the rest. The parts on this thing are cheaper then cheap. I'd trust a dear PSU about the same amount as I would trust this card. So no pint in taking up time/money to fix it, id only be using it for benching/testing anyway.

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I remember selling crap like that.

One time, it was an ATI NOTEBOOK video chip, I shit you not. Can't remember what it was, but I was amazed.

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