Western Digital WD90C33 backwards compatibility ?

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Western Digital WD90C33 backwards compatibility ?

Postby Jo22 » 2018-1-13 @ 08:59

Hello and good morning,

I have just seen a WD30C33-based graphics card on eBay and I am quite surprised now.
Previously, I had no idea that these existed at all.
Not only I thought that the 90C31 was the last one in the series,
but I also had no clue that Paradise/WD ever made VLB cards (I knew of S3 and Tseng, though)..

Now I wonder: Is it based on the design of the older models ?
And if so, how compatible is the WD90C33 to its predecessors ?

I am really curios if it is register-compatible way down the to original PVGA or PVGA1A/1B,
so it can work with the Windows 2.x drivers for PVGA1A, support Paradise SVGA mode 800x600
or can be used with the mode uitlities (to switch to CGA, Hercules, etc).

I would be happy if some who has that card would to a little bit of testing. :-D

Western Digital WD90C33-ZZ
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