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From the same seller on ebay that you did I think, I found the part codes from your first post.
I'd looked into it a few months ago and given up on the idea because the chips that I could find then cost around £20.

Specifically it was These Chips at around £12.
These are obviously really old stock and were sent loose in a small bag, so I think the pins have ended up at different heights, hence why lots of solder was needed until I was happy with the connections

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sorry for digging up this old thread but I have just managed to do that 8 MB to 12 MB upgrade on a CT6670 by myself. had a bad ATC Voodoo2 with 12 MB here and desoldered some of the memory chips to resolder it onto the working CT6670 -> boom, works.
first I forgot to completely solder one of the memory ICs (only tacked it down on a few pins) 🤣 so I had weird artifacts and glitches but as soon as I fixed that, all was good.

the salvaged ICs happened to have exactly the same specs as the ones on the CT6670, although not the same brand.

Creative Voodoo2 driver system info still shows 6MB TMU memory but the vanilla 3dfx driver shows 8MB and 1024x768 work in SLI mode so I guess I've got 12 MB on both cards now.

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DIY 3Dfx Voodoo II 8MB to 12MB RAM Upgrade - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZjxeW3igRE

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