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I got an ASUS AGP-3800M GPU for my 1999 rig so that I could actually play games- something the Intel i740 couldn't really do. It's done fine for me, up until now. For some reason, it will randomly glitch out on drawing 2D imagery (like what Windows 98 SE uses to render the GUI). It's glitched out on the close/maximize/minimize windows, the start menu, and icons in different programs. The glitches make whatever is being affected a solid blue hue, the same color as the desktop, or have weird lines going through it. This has only happened since I got my new motherboard, an Intel SE440BX-2 Motherboard.

I played GLQuake for a little while on it, and I was able to reproduce the bug for the camera's eye, this time the bug affecting the Start Menu. Most of the time, it either starts this on bootup, but for some reason launching an OpenGL application and using it for a while seemed to get the same bug to happen. I'm not sure what's happening, and I highly doubt it's a driver issue; I'm using the same ASUS-made drivers for this GPU as I did with the other motherboard, a Gateway Tabor III. The two motherboards even use a very similar or the same chipset, and both run at AGP 2X. The AGP aperture is set to 64MB, and the only two options are 64MB and 256MB, so I've just kept it at 64MB.

I can't think of anything else right now. I thought it might be overheating, so I removed the heatsink, cleaned off the old nasty white thermal paste, and put on some nice Arctic Silver stuff I got, and it still had the same issues.

Here's an example of the bug itself. Note that this also transcends Windows 98 SE installs.


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Just a random bug. You probably can make it go away by underclocking/overclocking the card and resetting it to default after.

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I've never overclocked/underclocked anything before, but I think I would underclock it just to be safe and prevent damage to the card. I'm not sure as to how I would overclock it though, as no overclocking software made in the late 90's/very early 2000's comes to mind at the moment. Again, it might just be because I've never played with overclocking out of fear of damaging vintage components- things that have a set amount, and things that I can't exactly replace very easily at this point in time.