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So I've come across a 16mb Ensoniq Banshee and want to play with it. I have a P3 450 on a Intel 440bx board and also a celeron 300a on a 440lx board. Which of these would best match up with the Banshee card. Will the P3 450 cause the card to run too hot? Also would some sort of voodoo 1 or 2 be a good match for a k6-2 350 with on board agp video. I seem to have read that the AMD cpu has some problem with 3dfx cards. Any advice on drivers for win98se would be welcome too. Appreciate any help or comments

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The AMD CPUs should work better with 3dfx cards as there's a bit of 3dnow! juice put into the drivers


the P3 450's got considerably more CPU muscle

Either's fine as well as period correct.