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I was in the market for a PCI card with TV-Out, and I came across an ELSA Synergy-4 PCI VIVO, so I went "A-ha, a TNT2 VIVO" and immediately grabbed it.

Turns out my 40 years old memory is unreliable, the TNT2 Snyergy is Snyergy II, and Synergy-4 is a Permedia 2 card.


I was planning to stick this card into a Socket 7 DOS PC and use its TV-Out for easy DOS/Win3.x capture. How bad is this card for DOS and Win3x? The games I will try on this system are mostly 1993-1995 so scrolling issues in early DOS games are not a huge dealbreaker for me..

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I used a Permedia 2 PCI card with a Pentium machine running Windows 95 from 1998 to 2000. In my experience, it was mostly fine, and I think my driver disk included Windows 3.1 drivers. If I remember correctly...

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