Gpu ram thermal pads/thermal paste.

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Gpu ram thermal pads/thermal paste.

Postby Baoran » 2019-1-09 @ 15:58

I was thinking of putting some new thermal paste and get some thermal pads for one of my gpus and I took the backplate off to see what size thermal pads I would need.


I was bit surprised. It looks like the ram chips have both thermal pads and thermal paste on them. Is this normal?
Do I need to also put both thermal pads and thermal paste there if I replace these?
The original thermal pads look quite squished so it is bit hard to tell the thickness of the pads. What thickness of thermal pads I would need to buy? 0.5mm? 1.0mm?
I will be most likely be ordering thermal grizzly minus pad 8.
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Re: Gpu ram thermal pads/thermal paste.

Postby retardware » 2019-1-30 @ 03:52

Thermal pads are just a time saving replacement for thermal paste.
The paste should be applied as regular and as thin as possible and have no air bubbles. Use an old credit card to apply.
They should offer good thermal conductivity and durability while having high electrical resistance.
Consult the data sheets of the manufacturers of thermal paste for the industry, not for the end user market.
It is crazy how much end users pay for inferior paste with colorful names...
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